Django model cascade delete

Where to put side-effects in the event of a cascade delete.

March 17, 2014

Django's ORM supports the concept of a 'cascade delete' - whereby the deletion of an object via the ORM results in the deletion of its related child object (related via a Foreign Key relationship).

We had an open question re. where to put side-effects that we wanted to run every time an object was deleted, irrespective of . . .

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Workflow update

Linking Trello to Git has closed the loop on tracking progress.

February 26, 2014

We've written before about our workflow, and the tools that we use, but one thing that I've also missed from my Fogbugz days is the link between issues and commits. We've tried various methods, including adding branch names to Trello cards to try and link things together, but it never really caught on as it required more attention . . .

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Is Fig Docker's missing link

Orchard have gazumped me with their latest posting, but that's probably for the best.

January 28, 2014

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I've had a draft post on Docker sitting in my in-tray for a couple of weeks now. The essence of the post is encapsulated in the related Trello card notes:

Having spent time working with Docker**, I've now got a much better (albeit still naive) understanding of what it is and how it . . .

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Introducing django-juno-testrunner

Adding features (and a little glamour) to the Django test runner

January 16, 2014

YJ's CTO, @hugorodgerbrown, has a knack for asking the good kind of "Why can't X do Y?"questions. By the good kind, I mean the ones that challenge things others have often just slipped into accepting, even if they're non-ideal.

And, while he appears to be a very happy Django convert, he's also brought a . . .

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Anyone interested in an industry ski trip?

January 13, 2014

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[Update: h/t to @stevejalim, as this is partly a response to a conversation we had a while back..]

I've just come back from a week's skiing in the Alps, with a group of people
that I didn't know before the trip, brought together only by a collective interest
in skiing. A lot of time was spent on the . . .

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Gender neutrality

Brief thought on the Joyent debacle

December 02, 2013

In the last couple of days a row has broken out over on Github regarding an innocuous and well-meant pull request(to replace a gender-specific pronoun ("he") with a gender-neutral version ("they")) which blew up into an almighty "is this really important" fight, which then spilt over onto Twitter and Hacker News, . . .

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Mocking dates with Django

It's not as simple as it at first appears - some tips from the frontline.

December 01, 2013

A lot of what we do at YJ is date-dependent, and amongst our unit tests we have (as I now know) 500+ tests that rely in some sense on the value of python's function.

Since launching YJ we have been running on Django 1.4, and mocking out using the technique outlined in this article:

from  . . .

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